Types of Countertop Materials


At Stone Selection we are pleased to compliment our peerless selection of granite and stone with a variety of finishes, enabling you to obtain the specific look you desire. While we offer other finishes (depending on the stone), the two most popular options are polished and leather (or lether) finishes.


KosmusA_polished_wKosmus A – Polished 

This is the traditional high gloss finish that brings out the beautiful color and depth possible in natural stone. Using the latest advancements in stone processing technology, our polished stones are custom polished to maximize the beauty and finish in each type of stone.


KosmusA_leather_wKosmus A – Leather 

An elegant and relatively new finish that is a matte finish with a satin like texture. It is a finish that is not only beautiful to the eye, but needs to be touched as well. In some stones, the leather finish process brings out an extra dimension in both the look and feel of the stone.