Types of Countertop Materials


Clearstone is a revolutionary process to protect natural stones – particularly marble.  Currently, there is a huge demand for the look of marble – especially in kitchen counter top applications.  The major limitation of marble is the durability.  Even though it is a rock and is comparatively hard compared to many surfaces, marble is mainly composed of Calcium Carbonate.  This composition makes it susceptible to staining and especially acid etching.  Current stone sealers that are on the market can help slow down the staining but cannot prevent acid etching which is the main complaint with marbles in a kitchen as any substance (lemon and other citrus juices, vinegars, cleaning products etc.) that has a low ph (is acidic) will quickly etch the marble’s surface.

Clearstone is the best solution to totally prevent staining and etching.  Clearstone is a coating that provides a physical barrier so that none of the staining and etching reagents even come in contact with the surface of the Marble – and therefore totally prevents any staining or etching.  The coating can be applied to new marble installations but some of the most exciting projects have been done on existing marble installations that have already been stained and etched.  The application process removes any existing stains and etches and when the coating is applied you are left with an installation that looks like new and will not stain or etch again.  The coating is a 1 time installation that does not have to be reapplied.  The coating can be furnished to provide a super high gloss polished finish or a honed or matte finish.  Clearstone comes with a manufacturers 10 year warranty.  Clearstone is amazing as it opens up the possibility to use Marble in a kitchen without the concern of staining or etching – when this is the case – design possibilities are endless.  Come and see us to to see a demonstration in person or to learn more about this amazing product.