Types of Countertop Materials

Travertine Countertops & Backsplashes

Travertine has a very distinctive look that is completely unique to this type of stone, making travertine backsplashes or countertops popular in Calgary and around the world for many interior designs. Travertine slabs are commonly available in both crosscut and vein-cut patterns, giving a totally different look in either orientation. It is a softer looking stone than others like marble or granite, and is available at specialty travertine suppliers like Stone Selection in wide range of colors and finishes.

Advantages of a Travertine Countertop

Travertine stone has a softer color pallet that lends itself well to many applications. Recently, we have seen a vein-cut travertine slab being used for fireplace feature walls that really take advantage of the linear veining in the stone and create a stunning appearance. Travertine can be used for any vertical or horizontal natural stone application including travertine counters, backsplashes, wall features, and even flooring, which is becoming increasingly popular. Travertine has even been used extensively on exterior applications on some famous recent buildings like the Getty Museum in California.

Comparing Travertine to Other Types of Stone

Travertine is generally in the premium price category of natural stone surfaces. That is because it is more rare; travertine stone is formed in the presence of sulphur springs, and these sulphur springs cause beautiful looking holes, giving it its unique appearance. Travertine has also been used throughout history as a building stone – including the Coliseum in Rome. Travertine is softer than some other natural stones, and has a high calcium carbonate concentration, so it can be more sensitive to acids.

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View a sample of our travertine countertop options in our online Stone Gallery.