Types of Countertop Materials


Soapstone slabs have a wide range of highly unique colors and textures, making for a stunning visual appearance on countertops, backsplashes and feature walls. This natural stone is often specifically sought after by designers to achieve a certain design appeal. Soapstone is comprised of naturally compressed talc, which makes it a very soft natural stone and very susceptible to scratches.Ā Soapstone is, however, naturally non-porous and is generally resistant to acid staining or etching.

Special Uses for Soapstone Slabs

Soapstone is a good option for exterior applications in Calgary, such as outdoor kitchen or barbeque areas, because it has great thermal properties and generally does not discolor over time, even when used outside or in very sunny locations. It is a premium priced natural stone, so its uses are often limited to smaller applications.

Find Soapstone in Calgary

Stone Selection offers a small selection of our most popular Soapstone slabs in our Calgary warehouse. Visit our showroom to see our selection and find your uniquely beautiful soapstone slab today.