Types of Countertop Materials

Onyx Countertops

Because of the unique way this stone naturally forms, onyx slab colors and patterns have a great deal of variability, creating a look that makes it very different and unique compared to most other natural stones. Typically, onyx is formed out of precipitate – water dripping and then evaporating, leaving behind a small amount of calcium carbonate and other minerals. This process is repeated over and over again until it yields some amazing onyx stone. Its dramatic patterns and beautiful colors make onyx countertops stand out as something very special, and this is obvious at first sight of a beautiful onyx slab, countertop or onyx backsplash.

The Advantage of Onyx Counters & Onyx Backsplashes

Many onyx slabs are actually translucent – in ancient times, onyx was even used as windows before the advent of glass windows. Today, onyx is one of the few solid countertop and backsplash materials that can be backlit. Backlighting on an onyx counter or backsplash creates an incredibly beautiful and high-end look that appeals to many homeowners, and gets designers excited about its potential use as a very special element within a home.

Investing in an Onyx Countertop or Onyx Backsplash

Onyx is a rare stone, and one that is difficult to process into slabs. Because of these factors onyx countertops are generally one of the more expensive natural stone options. However, many people feel the additional investment is worth it for special applications such as a wall feature or backlit countertop feature. This creates a stunning piece of natural art that is also functional within the home. It is important to note that onyx is a very soft stone and therefore onyx kitchen countertops, in particular, are more sensitive to acids compared to some other natural stones. That makes protecting your onyx counters through proper protection such as Clearstone highly important.

Buy Onyx in Calgary

From pure white onyx, to black onyx countertops, to onyx slabs that have many colors and patterns within them, onyx is one of the most exotic natural stones that is available in slabs. This often creates a competitive market, but Stone Selection has the ability to provide a good amount of variety of onyx to our customers in the Calgary area. In particular, the beautiful white onyx is a top seller as well as some of the more dramatic onyx like Onice Velluto.

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