Types of Countertop Materials

Limestone Countertops

Custom limestone countertops are popular for modern spaces as they usually have a more simple, non-patterned appearance. This makes limestone slabs ideal for not just modern bathroom or kitchen countertops, but for beautiful custom limestone backsplashes, flooring or other large areas where a lot of pattern in the stone is not desired. Limestone backsplashes are also popular in tile format, as well as floors. Of all the custom limestone for sale in our Calgary showroom, one of our best sellers is the Cedar variety.

The Uniqueness of Limestone Slabs

Unlike other types of stone like granite, quartz or marble, limestone slabs are very unique in that they can often show some minor fossilization, making limestone countertops, feature walls, floors and backsplashes have a very cool visual effect. Additionally, some limestone slabs cannot take a full polish, so they are only available in honed or other non-polished finishes. Custom limestone slabs are generally considered to be in the medium price range compared to other types of stones, which can be more economical or more expensive, depending on your desired look.

Limestone Countertop Considerations

Limestone is generally softer then other natural stone products, and has a high concentration of calcium carbonate. This makes limestone bathroom or kitchen countertops especially sensitive to acids, which are often present in these spaces. If you love the look of custom limestone kitchen countertops, it’s best to have the stone sealed if at all possible, to avoid any permanent staining or etching of the stone. Check out our revolutionary Clearstone permanent stone protection process for your limestone counters, floors and backsplashes.

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