Calgary’s Exclusive Dealer of the Rare Antolini Luigi Precioustone Collection

The Precioustone Collection is a line of super exotic and exclusive slabs that are jewellery for your home or office. Handmade in Italy by expert European craftsmen these slabs are made of some of the rarest materials from around the world, including but not limited to – 240 million year old Petrified Wood, Wild Tiger’s Eye Gemstone and Black Obsidian Volcanic Glass. Additionally, rare coloured and naturally translucent agates and quartz crystal that are not only stunningly beautiful, they are as hard as steel. Most of the Precioustone Collection is available with inlaid Ammonite Fossils upon request.


Adding yet another dimension of beauty and design versatility, these products are ideal for backlighting. Utilize and experment with different coloured lights to transform the stone to your own personalized “show stopping” creation.

Crystal Agate Black – Regular  Crystal Agate Black – Backlit


Beyond Countertops

Though well suited for kitchen and bathroom countertops, the Precioustone Collection is often used in additional applications such as: full slab or custom wall features (often backlit and used as art pieces in fine homes or offices) tables & bedroom furniture, fireplaces, commercial/residential bar features. The applications are also open to your own creations.